Focus on blow molding industry

Reliability comes from professional design

Since its establishment, the company has focused on the blow molding industry. The various production air supply solutions provided by the company have saved production costs for many users.Has achieved a good reputation in the PET industry.




The Application:Hydre Power Industry,Pet Bottle Blowing Machine,Leak Detection,Military Field And Others

Provide customers with Excellent-quality, energy-saving and practical gas supply solutions

Focus on blow molding industry


Our compressor with perfect structure and low noise which can provide Air-cooled and Water cooled type,small vibration,easy to install,the quality is stable and reliable. We have many national utility model patent(No.ZL201821842049.1,201520502786.7,ZL201821842050.4,201620753093.2).


Exciting design

Combine reliability and economy

Integrated design concept, integrated design of inverter-motor-compressor

[The production process is more reliable][Stable compressed air pressure]
[No foundation installation, easy to move]

The company is adhering to: Take science and technology as the driving force, strive for survival by quality, strive for development by innovation, and strive for efficiency by management. Company products: beautiful appearance, compact structure, low noise, low vibration, air-cooled, no foundation installation and other advantages, stable and reliable quality.